About Us

A Dedication To Fitness

Why a "dojo"? For us, fitness is a way of life, not just a class or program. Dojo means "a place of the way" and much like martial artists are know for peak physical performance and respect for their art, we feel the same respect towards fitness training.

We value attention to detail, clean technique, improving performance, and helping our clients develop a greater understanding of their individual capabilities. We want our clients to achieve fitness for life!

Our instructors have over 30 years of combined experience as full-time physical trainers. Having trained thousands of people together as a team you will receive "black belt" level guidance to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Meet Our Team

Steve Long

Co-owner - Business Manager

Steve has done many things in his career in the fitness industry, achieving many awards and acknowledgements for his accomplishments. Since 2005, he has trained a variety of clients ranging from ages 6 to 96 in his career in the health and fitness industry. He assists clients in many aspects of health, fitness, weight loss, performance training, nutrition and more. Steve is known for his practical approach to training and blending the many benefits of corrective exercise into fitness and performance training programs. Among other things, Steve specializes in functional fat loss, sports performance, golf fitness, injury prevention/post rehabilitation, restorative breathing, bodywork and martial arts performance training. Steve has been mentored by – and continues to learn from – the best professionals in the industry, bringing the most cutting-edge programs to his clients. He also writes about his work, and has contributed to many local and national publications and websites. Steve won the Editors Choice Award For Chapter in Best Selling Book The Fit Formula (2011). *Experience *Co- Founder of the Smart Group Training System *Co- Founder R3 Training Systems Program Advisor for fitness and sports performance coaches nationwide *Top 5 Best Personal Trainers in St. Louis (2010) *Top 5 Best Bootcamps Owners (2011) *Top 25 Fitness Industries Rising Stars (2011) *Fitness Entrepreneur of the Year (2015) Certifications- *National Strength & Conditioning Association — Certified Personal Trainer *Functional Movement Systems — Certified Functional Movement Specialist *Titleist Performance Institute - Certified Golf Fitness Instructor *Certified Sports Performance Coach *Certified Kettlebell Instructor *Certified Youth Fitness Specialist *Certified Functional Training Specialist *Training for Warriors Certified *BioForce Conditioning Coach Certified

Sarah Long

Co-owner - Operations Manger

Sarah has been a certified personal trainer for over a decade. She was obese in her late teens and embraced the importance of taking small healthy steps to lose weight and keep it off. Sarah enjoys martial arts, cooking and camping. She is known for her tough love, high energy, compassion and an amazing ability to get people the results they desire. A full-time personal trainer since 2009, she has extensive training and experience helping people get the results they want in fitness. She also is a constant student, continuing to study the martial arts that she is passionate about. She has 14 years experience with striking martial arts and 7 years with grappling martial arts. And for the last year and a half has been training with a sword. *Experience *Master Group Training Instructor *Co-creator of Smart Group Training System *Martial Arts Strength and Conditioning expert *Competitive Martial Arts Nutrition Coach *Certifications *American Council on Exercise— Certified Personal Trainer *Functional Movement Systems — Certified Functional Movement Specialist *Certified Kettlebell Coach *Certified Olympic Weightlifting Coach *Certified Youth Strength and Conditioning Coach *Training for Warriors Certified *BioForce Conditioning Coach Certified

Lucas Black

Head Personal Trainer

Originally from Horley, England, a small town outside of London, Lucas was raised in a single parent family and was taught by his mother that if he worked hard and was consistent in life, he could achieve anything. Rugby brought Lucas to St. Louis in 2018, where he received a scholarship at Lindenwood-Belleville. In his first year at Lindenwood-Belleville we won D1aa National Title in Rugby 7s. He transferred to Lindenwood-Saint Charles for the remainder of his time in university, graduating in August 2022 with a degree in Exercise Science and minors in Strength and Conditioning and Health and Wellness. After graduating he got the chance to play in the collegiate shield, which is the all-star game for college rugby. Then he signed with Rugby HTX in Houston. After getting a knee injury, he moved back to St. Louis and joined The Fitness Dojo. He also coaches rugby at SLUH, and is the Head Coach for the their 7’s Select side. He has an Akita Puppy called Khan who keeps him busy *Coaching* Coaches rugby team at SLUH Head coach for SLUH rugby 7's Select *Athletics* D1aa National Title in Rugby 7s Collegiate Rugby Shield, 2022 Signed to Rugby HTX, team academy for Major League Rugby team *Education* Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science, minors in Strength and Conditioning and Health and Wellness