Multiple Options to Ensure Your Success

Options based on needs, instead of one size fits all workouts

Semi Private Personal Training

Semi-private training is comparable to personal training with a much lower cost. All clients receive program designed just for them and their goals. No more than 6 people train in the gym at a time and everyone has their own equipment and station. No waiting for equipment, bumping into people, or getting lost in the shuffle. We have elite trainers at The Fitness Dojo, so this option allows us to work with more people for reasonable prices, and creates a more engaging environment. If you are looking for extremely detail oriented training based on your specific goals, body type, and history, while enjoying your own space, this is the option for you!

Sports Specific Training

Our trainers have experience training athletes of several sports. Steve has been studying golf performance for over 15 years and has worked with many golf pros. Sarah spent the majority of her life learning various martial arts from amazing masters. Lucas' passion is rugby and is a D1 champion as well as a champion coach. In addition to the sports we love we also have experience training hockey players, football players, archery athletes, basketball players, baseball players, football players, soccer players, and swimmers. Our coaches have a good understanding of the demands of each sport. They know how to improve athlete durability and performance.

Titleist Performance Institute Certified Movement Assessment and Golf Performance training

Improve your golf game while reducing the instance of knee/ back pain with a TPI assessment. This assessment is based on data gathered by Titleist on pro golfers and how they move. We compare your results to the ideal golf body and prescribe exercises that work on your weaknesses. It's not always a technique issue holding us back. Mobility and stability of our joints can greatly affect our game!

Online Personal Training and Accountability

We want to make sure that we can work with anyone regardless of where they live. This is a private, 1 on 1 option for those that want the trainer all to themselves. If you are looking for a “coach” to be able to talk to, and a trainer, we have you covered. Workouts are written based on a virtual movement assessment, what equipment you have access to, and your goals. Make sure to have the watchful eye of our trainers no matter where you are!

Digital Dojo

If you can't make it in to the Dojo for world class training, you can now get great programming online! Receive an 8 week, customized program with the options of an online movement assessment and nutritional coaching to get you to your goals! Our brand new app will keep you in touch with your coach but allow you the flexibility to workout where and when you can. Videos will make sure you know how to do each exercise. Our app also connects with your smart watch and calorie counting apps! Get expert programming and guidance from your favorite Dojo coaches!

Self Defense Seminar

Sarah is an experienced martial artist. With over 20 years of learning self defense, she can help you and your loved ones feel more confident and safe while navigating the world. Book a self defense seminar for your business, family, or event!